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Two feet on the Ground

Here are some of our sculptures based on the land, also maybe a little bit of flying. Every time we step out into the nature we are amazed to touch a new plant, flower or animal waiting for us with every season here in Monchique..


Flowers like the poppy and the rose in bright red give a striking splash to the house or garden in shocking red ,reflecting love and remembrance.


Especially inspired by our love of the fauna and cultivation of the Algarve we yearn almonds in their shells,, pomegranates, oranges, lemons, apples and persimmon to make a ceramic fruit salad!  Many animals like chickens or frogs. gheckos, owls and swallows are close to us in the Algarve, ours are to hang on your wall to remind you of this amazing place while you are away. I have included some of my individually handpainted tiles reflecting these same local fruits in bright colors, perfect for the wall,table decoration or a thermic plate.

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