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Sylvain Bongard was born in 1959, Geneva, Switzerland. He moved to Portugal as a child in 1970, only to leave for four years to complete his studies in England and Germany.

Returning permanently to the Algarve in 1980, he realized his dream to dedicate his energy full time to art in 1987 from which time he has created innumerate works for public spaces and private exhibition in Portugal and abroad.

Sylvain’s sculptural pieces in stoneware clay demonstrate his eye for nature and ability to recreate wildlife pieces full of life, impact and humor. Sylvain’s sculptures don’t aim to copy from nature but embellish it.


Tara Esaguy Cohen was born in 1970, London, England. From Anglo-Portuguese parents her childhood was shared between England and Portugal, finalizing her studies in England.



She continued her passion for drawing throughout her travels in America, Central America, Turkey and the Middle East. Settling in Israel for 10 years she apprenticed in woodwork then moving on to work with glass painting and fusing, returning to live permanently to Portugal in 2005.

Sylvain and Tara met in 2008, Sylvain already working steadily more with clay revived and encouraged Tara’s interest in this artistic medium. Together they embarked on the adventure into stoneware clay.

With a profound appreciation for nature above all, Tara and Sylvain enjoy integrating the local wildlife and fauna into their work. Also enjoying immensely the human form playing with proportions, movement and physionomy. They both work on their individual pieces but also enjoying immensely to combine their ideas into projects and exhibitions. In 2013 Sylvain exhibited at the Lisbon Cultural Centre and between 2014 and 2015 they held an exhibition at the National Tile and Ceramic Museum in Lisbon.


They are together reaching to achieve works that realize the magic of Portugal’s nature.