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Treasures of NatureCastelo de Silves.Portugal.

In the Autumn of 2019 we were invited to use the inner space of the Castle garden. For a long time we have been imagining to have a inland space like this to display our animal and fauna creations. Of course the space is immense so we created several focal points using the castles wonderful inner ponds and fonts. Silves is the "Capital of the Orange" in Portugal so this lead me to include a large orange instalation as well, an orange juicy splash of colour.

Sylvain produced some amazing totems, encrusted with wildlife from the Algarve. There were many animals there but of course the most important for Silves is a splendid lynx with her baby, Silves being the region that has a very important lynx breeding center the CNRLI.

7-10-2019 until 07-04-2020

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