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If only we could have 2020 vision

New Gallery and Sculpture Garden. Sitio do Pomar Velho, Monchique. The biggest change of 2020 for us was to move our working studio and open gallery to Monchique, Portugal. It had been in our future plans but this last year speeded up that idea! Our new place to grow is the dream we had for a long time carrying on with the same charm of our beloved Ferragudo but this time truly encompassing our two minds vision, with space! In the beginning the idea of the move was totally daunting with 21 years of work and life to move, but once started it was exciting if not exhausting with also the chance to select the collection, liberate from the un-necessary and move closer to home.

The main gallery is set in a restored carriage house, it extends outwards into a new winding sculpture garden, patios and spaces, created for you to pass through at a slower pace, perhaps rest a while and enjoy our work surrounded by the nature of the Algarve and all importantly breathe in the mountain air. Also we will are pleased to offer exclusive visits by appointment. Allowing you, your family or even a group of close friends to enjoy the peace and exclusivity of the garden and gallery. As with our work we are putting our heart and soul into our new place to pass by on your next trip to this beautiful Algarve region. Bongard Gallery Sitio do Pomar Velho, Monchique. GPS: 37°19'04.6"N 8°33'32.7"W For private appointments please call or message us on 968362930 / 924220574

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