Here you can find a collections of some of our small stoneware sculptures made by us from our studio in the mountain town of Monchique, Algarve, Portugal. 

During the last two decades, our artwork has been exhibited in our studios in Ferragudo and Monchique as well as in several shops, historical buildings and museums all over Portugal and abroad.


Our new studio / gallery and sculpture garden in Monchique is now open! In our stay@home recently we have been fortunate enough to be able to continue our work creating, new pieces and evolving some of the old loved ones too.

In this shop we have made a selection of some of our most popular small items which we find are easy and reasonable to send to you to receive worldwide.

Welcome to our online shop

Unique sculptures inspired by the nature and wonderful culture of Portugal

Every piece of our art is unique. It is molded entirely by hand with a stoneware clay that is fired at a very high temperature of 1300ºc/2372ºF. These sculptures are decorated with numerous different glazes such as cobalt, copper, ash, and earth to achieve very unique results in terms of color and texture. 


The theme of the pieces is based on the nature and culture of Portugal from the sea and land that we love. Fish, roosters, owls, sardines, flowers, pomegranates and hearts are developed and produced with our very own style in order to enchant any admirer of nature with something that is unique and often a reminder of beautiful diverse Portugal.

Thankyou for visiting our online space and we hope you have the chance to experience our new gallery and sculpture garden in Monchique live again soon too. Meanwhile enjoy this site. 


To see more of our large sculptures please visit also

Take good care of yourselves.


 Sylvain and Tara Bongard